a hand lettered img that says 'frolidays holiday extravaganza'

You are warmly invited to Frolidays, a.k.a. FRIEND HOLIDAYS!

WHAT: An annual tradition, born in Seattle and carried on in Cambridge. A potluck dinner party to celebrate the holidays with friends, right smack in the middle of the festive season

WHERE: 150 Webster Ave #2, Cambridge MA1

WHEN: Sunday, December 11th at 5pm (add to calendar)

WHY: Because it’s fun, festive, and ya know I love a themed party and need a good group photo

WHAT TO BRING: A dish or beverage to share + a jolly good spirit!

WHAT TO WEAR: Come dressed in your favorite festive attire, or as your favorite holiday. Get creative, prizes are at stake here, people!! If you need some inspiration, check this out

RSVP (and sign up for what you’re bringing) here2


  1. Street parking is plentiful and free on Sundays↩︎

  2. If there’s already a million bags of chips or a gazillion sugar cookies, please put on your thinking caps and bring something else :)↩︎